It was said that serious men were the most attractive kind of men.

Huo Wu didn’t really realize how true this was until this moment.

Huo Yusen had taken off his white button-up and suit. He changed into light-colored casual wear. He appeared more approachable and human after taking off his suit. He appeared less detached and aloof than before.

At this moment, his finger was placed on the keyboard and his eyes were fixed on the screen.

Huo Wu didn’t know what was different about him, but at this moment, he appeared more attractive than before.

Huo Yusen immediately noticed that Huo Wu woke up. He closed his laptop and pinched the space between his eyebrows with his right hand. He asked tiredly, “Are you hungry?”

Huo Wu said softly, “Yes.”

“Brother, what time is it?”

Huo Yusen had seen the time before he closed his laptop, so he replied quickly, “It’s two in the morning.”

It turned out that it was already morning.

No wonder it was already dark outside. After all, according to time, it was already late at night.

Huo Wu didn’t expect Huo Yusen to keep his promise and accompanied her in her room.

Huo Wu felt her throat choked up and couldn’t help but be a little moved.

She suddenly had a thought in her mind. She yearned for that thought to be true.

She thought, how great could it be if Huo Yusen was really her brother?

If he was truly her biological brother, then she could enjoy his pampering and care peacefully. She could hide under his wings safely and securely for life. She wouldn’t need to experience many hardships.

While she was immersed in her thoughts, Huo Yusen had gone to the kitchen and brought back a bowl of warm rice and vegetable congee.

As the proverb goes, things may be difficult now, but it’ll get easier later.

Huo Yusen’s movements were stiff and unnatural the first time he tried to help Huo Wu up from her bed. But this time, Huo Yusen skillfully helped Huo Wu up from her bed.

“Do you need me to feed you?”

Huo Yusen originally asked that to show his care for her, he obviously didn’t expect her to agree.

After all, Huo Wu was 17 years old now. The fever had dropped a little and she probably didn’t need anyone to feed her.

But because he was her older brother, Huo Yusen felt obligated to ask the question.

What he didn’t know was that Huo Wu was thick-skinned. She wanted to get all the pampering and care from her brother as she could.

She will have at most, a year with him. So, every minute was now precious to her.

Huo Wu was not sure how much longer she could enjoy his doting and attention after her true identity was revealed. After all, it was still unknown whether she could really hold onto her older brother’s golden thighs.Huo Wu thought that since her identity had yet been revealed to the world, she should just enjoy the present as much as she could.

She wanted to use her current identity to enjoy more of her brother’s doting and pampering. She was an only child in her life, so she had no brother. Since this kind of opportunity was rare to come by, then let her willfully take advantage of it this time.

Thinking so, Huo Wu nodded her head and said sweetly, “Yes.”

The hands holding the bowl of porridge stiffened for a moment.

He didn’t expect that Huo Wu would actually say yes.

However, he could not take back what he had just said. After all, he was the Eldest Young Master, and it was not his style to go back on his words.

He used a spoon and scooped a spoonful of porridge and put it in front of Huo Wu’s mouth.

Huo Wu’s charming apricot-shaped eyes were slightly bent into a smile. The smile on her face looked especially sweet. She looked at Huo Yusen and said sincerely, “Brother, it’s so nice to have you.”

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