Huo Yusen only left Huo Wu’s room after she fell asleep.

By the time she fell asleep, it was already four or five in the morning. 

Right now, it was seven in the morning.

That meant that Huo Yusen had only slept for an hour or two today.

After Huo Wu realized this, she immediately pushed her blankets away, put on her slippers, and hurried to the bathroom.

As she hurried to the bathroom, she said to Housekeeper Zhang, “Auntie Zhang, please tell my brother to wait for me to have breakfast together.”

Auntie Zhang sighed, “Don’t worry, the Eldest Young Master will wait for you.”

Huo Wu brushed her teeth and washed her face. She hurriedly headed downstairs and saw Huo Yusen sitting on the sofa working.

The golden sunlight streamed in from the window and on his face, softening his profile.

He was wearing a white button-down shirt and had his head lowered slightly.

Seeing such a beautiful scene, Huo Wu inexplicably thought of something…

If only time could stop right now…

Huo Wu walked forward a few steps and called out, “Brother.”

Huo Yusen replied, “I’ll be ready soon.” After that, Huo Yusen paused before he looked up at her and asked, “Has your fever subsided?”

Huo Wu smiled sweetly and responded, “My fever is gone!”

Huo Yusen raised an eyebrow, “Do you feel better now?”

“Yep, I feel much better now!”

Huo Yusen returned his gaze to the laptop screen after their short conversation. He didn’t make Huo Wu wait too long for him. After he spent five minutes dealing with some important matters, he got up from the sofa, sat opposite Huo Wu at the dining table, and prepared to eat.

The breakfast was much lighter this morning since Huo Wu had a fever last night. She had congee and pork, a century egg, and two side dishes.

The only meat she had this morning was the few slices of shredded pork in the congee.

However, Huo Wu was not a picky eater. She liked having a light breakfast.

Huo Yusen’s breakfast was also very simple. However, his breakfast leaned towards the western style. Even so, his breakfast was very nutritious; there are fruits, dietary fiber, and milk. Huo Wu still preferred to have a Chinese style breakfast.

After she finished breakfast, Huo Wu should prepare to head to school.

When Huo Wu first transmigrated here, it was during the weekend. Two days had passed and today was now Monday. She still needed to attend classes as a senior.

Huo Wu had already pushed the agenda of entering the entertainment industry up her schedule, but she wasn’t in too much of a hurry.

Once she participated in filming movies, she will not be able to spend as much time as she could with Huo Yusen. Huo Wu felt that the most important matter at the moment was to hold onto her brother’s golden thighs first.

She still had one year left before the accident occurs, so she should have enough time.

So, she planned to delay joining the entertainment industry for now. 

When Huo Wu was about to head upstairs to get her school bag, Huo Yusen shouted at her lightly to wait.

The expression on his face was still as cold as ever, but there seemed to be other emotions stirring beneath that cold exterior. Huo Wu couldn’t read his emotions and was a little confused as she asked, “Brother?”

Huo Yusen’s deep and beautiful voice sounded, “A’Wu…has anything happened recently?”

Huo Yusen was unaccustomed to calling her “A’Wu”. 

He had never called her name like this. If he recalled correctly, he had never used her name directly. When he talked to her, he always used the noun, “you”. 

But recently, he was also trying to change himself a little bit.

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