Yu Xinxin bit her lower lip and looked at Huo Wu’s slightly pale complexion and the perspiration on her forehead. She finally gave in and said, “Okay, rest for a while. But do try your best to hurry up because your older brother’s plane probably just landed. It wouldn’t be good if you’re late to the reception.”

“Xinxin, I understand.”

After Yu Xinxin left, Huo Wu looked at her fair and delicate hands in disbelief.

Her current hand was completely different from her originally callused hands.

Each fingernail was neatly trimmed until smooth and then painted light pink color. Her hand was small, and her fingers were slender. It was the ideal hand for playing the piano.

She glanced around the objects in the room until her gaze fell on her reflection in the mirror behind her.

The features on her face appeared somewhat similar to the face in her previous life.

In her previous life, she was able to stay and survive in the entertainment industry because she was pretty. Otherwise, the second male lead in the drama she was filming before, wouldn’t have been so attentive to her.

However, the face in the reflection was obviously more beautiful than her face in her previous life.

It could be said that one face belonged in heaven while the other belonged on earth.

The face that belonged in heaven was the face in the reflection right now.

As Huo Wu blinked her eyes lightly, the person in the mirror also blinked back. Her eyes were big and doll-like. There was still some innocence and confusion in her dark eyes. 

It was precisely this innocent pair of eyes and her beautiful eyes combined that made her all the more seductive. 

The reflection before her eyes proved to Huo Wu that she had really transmigrated into a novel.

She had completely changed into another person.

Huo Wu was shocked, but she didn’t have time to stay shocked. She quickly adjusted her state of mind.

If she guessed correctly, then the ‘previous’ Huo Wu from her original world was probably dead.

She had fallen more than 10 meters, and there were no protective measures set up below her when she fell. It was impossible for her to have survived the fall. 

It was a gift from heaven and earth since she was still alive right now. In any case, even if she had a new identity, she must live well.

Huo Wu carefully recalled the novel’s plot and quickly figured out where she currently was in the plot.

Fortunately, she still remembered the plot because she had just read the novel not long ago.

Today was the day her “biological brother”, Huo Yusen returned.

Huo Yusen was a 25-year-old with a Ph.D. in Finance from Harvard University. He had published five papers in the world’s most renowned and prestigious finance magazine. He also won two international finance awards. The reason for his return was because he was ready to take over the family business. In addition, he was also a famous professor with a doctorate from Qingda University.

She could already tell how outstanding he was just from these awards and degrees.

Huo Wu remembered that when she read the novel, the author made it clear that the female lead’s biological brother was better than the male lead. However, because of the morality of things, she could only wrong the older brother and made him the second male lead.

But it was obvious that the author favored the older brother more, for his aura could shine on others for a lifetime.

Due to the author’s bias towards the older brother, it could be said that the older brother was omnipotent. He didn’t have many scenes in the novel because the author was afraid that she would start hating the male lead if she gave the older brother too many scenes. 

Although he didn’t have much screen time in the novel, he was always eye-catching and powerful whenever he made an appearance in the novel. As a result, he also attracted a large number of fans.

As the saying goes, the male lead belonged to the female lead, and the second male lead belonged to the readers.

Therefore, the older brother was mentioned in almost every comment below each chapter the author updated.

Huo Wu thought about the novel’s description of Huo Yusen and became a little curious about him.

What kind of person would an omnipotent second male lead be?

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