Huo Yusen was currently playing with an empty wine glass that was in his hand. The tiny glass fragments from the wine glass he had thrown on the table were quickly cleaned up by a waiter.

When Mo Ze challenged Huo Yusen to a game, Huo Yusen merely raised an eyebrow slightly. His eyes appeared abstruse and enigmatic; his demeanor remained calm.

He finally smiled after some time had passed and said, “I’m afraid I have to refuse.”

Mo Ze spread his hand and smiled like a hoodlum, “President Huo, don’t be like this. In my opinion, everything in this world has a price tag. For example, even you and I have a price tag. As such, the beautiful little girl over this also has a price tag on her. You will only fail to win the items you desire if you don’t have enough tokens. How about this, I will let you set the stakes. I will play with you no matter how high you have set the stakes. What do you think of my proposal, President Huo?” Even though Mo Ze’s words were polite, he was actually taunting Huo Yusen.

T/N: The token he is talking about here is referring to casino tokens, which is also a form of money. So, he’s implying that you won’t get the things you desire if you don’t have enough money. 

The meaning behind his last words was hinting that Huo Yusen was terrified of losing, so he was unwilling to gamble.

Huo Yusen’s long slender finger twirled the wine glass in his hand. He said slightly, “First of all, she is not an item. Second, even if I’m willing to gamble, you won’t be able to handle the high stakes because you don’t have enough money.” Speaking up to this point, Huo Yusen paused for a moment before he smiled and continued talking, “Mr. Mo is only worth two billion yuan, hm?”

His voice was extremely pleasant to hear, but Mo Ze’s face immediately paled.

He had struggled for over ten years before he was able to reach this net worth.

His net worth was able to make 99% of the people in this world look up to him in awe, but he was still in front of Huo Yusen.

Mo Ze clenched his hands into a fist so tightly that the blue veins on his hands were visible. He took a few deep breaths before he was barely able to force down the rage that was burning in his heart.

He rested his chin on his fist and a hint of flashed by his eyes, “President Huo, no matter how high the stakes are, you should still give me a number. This way, I will know the goal that I will need to strive for.”

Huo Yusen’s mouth curved into a smile. His voice was not loud, but it was very impactful, “I’m her backing.”

His words were powerful and resonating.

It was like how a stone will cause multiple ripples in a calm lake when the stone is thrown into the lake.

Huo Yusen’s statement had made his attitude very clear.

He was going to use his entire net worth to protect this little girl.

Unless Mo Ze’s net worth was more than Huo Yusen’s net worth, then Mo Ze will never get Huo Wu.

Mo Ze subconsciously gritted his teeth. The rage in his heart was slowly burning his rationality.

Huo Yusen was deliberately making things difficult for him, right?

No one else was involved in this conversation.

Right now, it was only a war between him and Huo Yusen.

Mo Ze leaned back slightly on the sofa. He appeared to have returned to his relaxed and outgoing persona.

He was furious, but there was nothing he could do right now. He could only record this humiliation in his heart and wait until the day he could settle it with Huo Yusen again.

He had gone through a lot of hard work in the past years. He learned how to endure everything silently and he also learned how to wait for the perfect opportunity to kill them in one blow.

It didn’t make sense for him to flaunt or even act bravely right now. After all, it was not wise to directly go against Huo Yusen right now. 

In a mere second, the anger in his face had vanished.

Mo Ze waved his hand casually and said, “Okay, fine, since you treasure her so much, then we don’t need to use her as a betting chip. Let’s just play a simple round to test out our luck, what do you think?”

Huo Yusen remained quiet. It seemed like Mo Ze was determined to win against him in a gamble so that he could break his spirit.

Mo Ze smiled with ease, “If I win, then I want you to give me the land east of the city. If I lose, then I’ll call you daddy.”

Huo Wu didn’t know much about the land east of the city, but for Mo Ze to personally open his mouth and ask for it, that meant that the land was probably special.

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