The heating in the private room was a little too high, so Huo Yusen was a little hot. He slowly unbuttoned two of his cuffs and pulled up the sleeves of his shirt, revealing his smooth and beautiful arm.

Although Huo Yusen appeared relaxed, Huo Wu was certain that Mo Ze would definitely win this game if nothing unusual happened.

Mo Ze’s cheating ability was unquestionably remarkable.

Huo Wu was a little worried about Huo Yusen. She didn’t know what overcame her for that moment because she didn’t think before she blurted out, “If you want to play against my brother, then you will have to win against me first.”

Many of the people in the room had a surprised expression on their faces when they heard Huo Wu’s declaration.

Even Huo Wu was astonished by her sudden declaration. After the moment of bravery had passed, Huo Wu was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

How could she say something so impulsive? 

In her previous life, Huo Wu was extremely lucky. She was able to win a prize every time she played the raffle. Even so, what meager luck she may have was probably not enough to win against a gambler who was a master at cheating. 

But since those words had already left her mouth…

Could she still go back on her words shamelessly?

Huo Yusen raised an eyebrow; he appeared to be surprised by her sudden action too.

He opened his mouth to speak, but before he had the time to say anything, Mo Ze beat him to the punch. Mo Ze laughed heartily and said, “Okay. I will play with the little beauty first.”

Mo Ze didn’t pay much attention to how Huo Wu had addressed Huo Yusen as “brother.”

Don’t people nowadays have all kinds of hobbies and interests?

He had even heard people call other people “godfather” and “step-father” before, so nothing fazed him anymore.

T/N: I think he’s talking about roleplay here. xD He thinks Huo Wu is calling Huo Yusen “brother” because it’s their kink.

Huo Wu pursed her lips.

She subconsciously glanced at Huo Yusen.

Huo Yusen smiled when he saw how nervous she was.

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised when he smiled. He had a beautiful smile and his eyes seemed to sparkle like there was a sea of brilliant stars hiding beneath his eyes. “Play as you wish. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose.”

Huo Wu had nothing to worry about after Huo Yusen’s reassurance.

It didn’t matter whether she lost or won anyway.

The downside to losing was that Huo Yusen will have to play against Mo Ze.

Forget it. She should just casually play with him.

Since she was bound to lose, Huo Wu planned to play without any restrictions.

No one else had the intention to join the game. They merely watched them from the sideline. As a result, this round of five-card stud turned into 1v1 between Huo Wu and Mo Ze.

Because it was a 1v1, they didn’t need to raise anything. They only needed to choose five cards each and spread them out in front of them. Then, they would compete to see who had the higher number of cards.

To ensure the fairness of the game, they didn’t use a dealer. Instead, they placed the deck of cards facedown one by one on the table. Huo Wu and Mo Ze would choose their own cards.

When it was time for one of them to choose the first card, Mo Ze smiled and said that since Huo Wu was a lady, that she could choose a card first.

Huo Wu didn’t frequently play five-card stud, so she was a newbie in this field.

However, she used to be in the entertainment industry before, so she watched many big shots play this game. As a result, she knew which cards are big and which cards are small.

It wasn’t her style to dawdle around when it was her turn.

She simply chose a card that was in front of her.

In this game, she didn’t need to show other people what her first card was.

So, after Huo Wu picked a card, she sneaked a glance at the card.

She lifted only a small corner of the card as she peeked at the number. 

As soon as she saw the number on her card, she placed the card down quickly, making sure that no one had the chance to peek at her cards.

Mo Ze was amused when he saw the expression on Huo Wu’s face. Her cautious action and the expression on her face made her seem as if she was facing a mighty enemy. Mo Ze laughed and said, “Little sister, you don’t need to be so nervous. We’re just playing a casual game.”

T/N: Mo Ze referred to her as “little sister”, but they’re not blood-related siblings. It’s common to address someone close to you as a brother/sister. It’s similar to Oppa in Korea, which is what you call an older male friend. 

Although Huo Wu guessed that she would probably lose in the end, she still wanted to try her best.

Perhaps the Goddess of Luck will bless her.

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