There aren’t many memories of this big brother in Huo Wu’s memory.

Huo Yusen went abroad to study at a very young age and he doesn’t come back to visit often. This time, it had been four years since his last visit.

Huo Yusen and Huo Wu are eight years apart in age, so they don’t usually communicate with each other.

From what she can recall from the original Huo Wu’s memory, she wasn’t close to her brother.

This was because her brother was quite cold towards other people. 

The male lead in《Forced Love》was romantic and loving, while the older brother in《Forced Love》was cold and emotionless.

He was cold towards everyone, but the author of the novel said that if the older brother falls in love, then he will be more passionate than any other man. But even until the end of the novel, there was no one who was able to move the older brother’s heart.

Perhaps the author liked the older brother too much, so she felt that no one was worthy of the second male lead she created. Therefore, she didn’t write a complete ending for him, leaving it to the reader’s imaginations.

Huo Wu recalled the plot as she put on the Red Valentino black dress.

Red Valentino was Valentino brand’s sub-brand for teen girls. It was still an extravagant brand. However, compared to other high-end brands, Red Valentino was slightly more affordable. The brand was very suitable for her current age.

She was currently 17 years old, the perfect age to wear apparel designed for young girls.

She still had almost a year before she turned 18 years old.

If this world’s plot doesn’t deter from the novel’s plot, then she will have a car accident on her 18th birthday.

It was precisely because of this accident that she discovered that the Huo Family and her had different blood types. 

Her parents in the Huo Family both have O type blood, yet her blood type was AB.

Medically speaking, a couple with O type blood cannot give birth to a child with AB type blood.

So at that time, her parents in the Huo Family knew that she wasn’t their child.

Father Huo immediately tested their DNA and the result was just as they suspected. Huo Wu and the Huo Family weren’t biologically related.

After a detailed investigation, Father Huo and Mother Huo found out that their child was swapped with another family’s child 18 years ago.

However, only Huo Wu currently had the knowledge that she wasn’t Huo Family’s child.

She now had two choices. The first choice was to take the initiative to confess to Father and Mother Huo that she wasn’t their biological child.

Her second choice…will be confidential for now.

Huo Wu thought about it for a few seconds and she came to a decision.

She decided to keep it a secret for now. But before her 18th birthday, she must leave the Huo Family with her safety guaranteed.

The female lead in the book was Jiang Yuqing and was later known as Huo Yuqing. She was a smart character.

Even though she came from a poor family, she received excellent grades. She was always ranked in the top three for every exam.

In order to let her family live a better life, she dropped out of high school at the age of 17 and joined the brilliant entertainment circle.

Although she didn’t come from a good background, she worked harder than anyone else. She was not blinded by the glamorous entertainment circle. Instead, she practiced her lines hard, and step by step, she climbed up the entertainment industry. In the process of that, she received Mo Ze’s attention. 

Thus, a romance blossomed between the female and male lead.

Huo Wu did not know what else the female lead managed to achieve in the end, because she didn’t read the entire novel. But she was certain that the female lead’s life was magnificent and fulfilling.

No matter how smart and excellent the female lead was, she was extremely petty.

She regarded Huo Wu, who occupied her life for 18 years, a thorn in her eyes.

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