Even if Huo Yusen had an outstanding IQ, he will still need a lot of time to finish each problem and explain how to do each problem. Even though these math problems are not difficult for him, he may have even spent most of the night helping her solve and explain all of this.

He obviously had many things to do, yet he still found some time in his busy schedule to help her complete all the exercises on the worksheets.

Her elder brother treated her very well.

After Huo Wu returned to her room, she quickly brushed her teeth and washed her face. She hurriedly ran downstairs to find Huo Yusen.

At this time, he should be having breakfast.

But when she got downstairs, she was informed by the housekeeper that Huo Yusen had left the villa half an hour ago.

Auntie Zhang put a plate of freshly prepared omelet on the table and said, “I think something has happened in the company, so he rushed to the company this morning to deal with it.”

Huo Wu became more worried as she listened to Auntie Zhang’s explanation.

If he hadn’t stayed up all night helping her solve her math problems, then Huo Yusen would’ve been able to sleep a little before he headed to the company.

It was all her fault.

Huo Wu lost her appetite due to her guilty conscience. She pulled out her phone and opened WeChat; she wanted to message Huo Yusen.

She added Huo Yusen as a friend on WeChat, but they have never spoken on there before.

However, she didn’t know what Huo Yusen’s WeChat username was. She had over 500 friends added on WeChat, it would take her hours to scroll through all of them to find her elder brother. By the time she finished, she would be late for school.

Auntie Zhang brought a cup of soy milk for her and said, “Miss, you should eat more. You need to eat more to stay healthy.”

Huo Wu had no choice but to pick up the cup of soy milk and took a sip.

She noticed that there was a small red circle on with the number 4 inside the circle on her WeChat app.

She recalled that she posted an update on her feed yesterday, so the number inside the red circle should be the number of likes and comments from her friends.

Huo Wu felt that this was quite strange, she had nearly 500 friends on WeChat, so how come there were only a couple of people commenting and liking her post?

Huo Wu did not have OCD, but after seeing the small red circle, she couldn’t help but click on the app.

After she entered the app, she noticed that there are two likes and two comments on her post.

One of the likes and one of the comments came from her friend, Yu Xinxin.

But she was surprised when she saw that the other comment actually came from Huo Yusen.

He responded to her post with a very simple message, “Study hard.”

Huo Wu pouted at his response, but she still couldn’t hide the smile blooming on her face.

Her elder brother actually commented on her post!

She had just wanted to scroll through her friend list to find her elder brother, but she never expected that her brother had already delivered himself to her door.

Huo Wu tapped on Huo Yusen’s avatar to look at his information, only to find out that his WeChat username was his real name, and his avatar was the general avatar new users started out with when they first used the app.

His information and avatar were really bland and boring.

Even so, she happily left a comment on Huo Yusen’s profile page, “The world’s best elder brother.”

After she posted that, Huo Wu opened the messaging interface. After she pondered for a while, she finally messaged him, “Brother, thank you.”

Huo Yusen replied quickly, “No need to thank me. Remember to pay attention in class.”

Huo Wu couldn’t help but laughed when she saw his reply.

He was really acting like he was her parent.

She pursed her lips and thought about how she should reply before she typed, “I understand. I will follow my elder brother’s instructions.”

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