Her voice was very soft, and her gaze was pure and clean. She had a naive look on her face.

Huo Yusen couldn’t help but slightly smiled at her question and said, “That won’t happen.”

Huo Wu blinked her eyes, pretending as if she did not understand what he was saying. In a gentle voice, she asked, “Why not?”

It was not suitable for people to hold a conversation in a place like this because the auction had reached its climax. If Huo Yusen planned on bidding for this item, then he needed to start bidding now.

Huo Yusen answered curtly, “I confirmed it.”

As soon as he said that, he raised his bidding card to bid on the item.

Huo Wu sat back sullenly on her seat and curled up into a ball when she saw that Huo Yusen was still going to bid on this item. The topic was already over before she even had the chance to ask him “what would happen if it’s replaced by someone else.”

She truly wanted to help him, but she couldn’t reveal too much to him because it’ll raise his suspicion of her. It seemed like her words had no effects on him.

This result made Huo Wu feel very frustrated.

She originally believed that since she knew what would happen in advance in this world, that she could try to change the original plot by intervening with the characters.

By now, she realized that she was too naive.

She was unable to change Huo Yusen’s mind. Did that mean that she will be unable to escape the original ending of this story too?

While Huo Wu was doubting her future, Mo Ze leaned over toward her and chuckled, “Why do you look so unhappy?”

Mo Ze’s sudden question brought Huo Wu back to reality from her train of thought. She realized that she was still sitting next to a big wolf, so how could she have let her guard down? She quickly sat upright and forced the emotions on her face to disappear.

She shook her head, “That’s not true.” Huo Wu was afraid that Mo Ze would continue prying, so she quickly changed the topic, “Tomorrow will be Christmas, does Uncle Mo have any plans?”

Mo Ze’s breathing paused for a second when he heard Huo Wu addressed him as “Uncle Mo” again, but in the following second, he clenched his teeth and returned to his playful attitude. “Why? Does Little A’Wu want to ask me out? I will happily oblige with your requests if you ask me out.”

Mo Ze deserved to be called the master of all playboys. He was able to casually give women nicknames out of thin air, and he didn’t even feel embarrassed or shy when he called those women by the intimate nicknames he gave them.

He used to address her as a “little kid”, but now he was calling her “little A’Wu”.

Huo Wu felt a little ashamed by the nickname he gave her while Mo Ze shamelessly smiled at her.

Huo Wu supported her forehead with her hand. She was too tired to argue with him over the nickname he gave her. She rolled her eyes and asked tentatively, “Tomorrow will be the premiere of the movie,《Ninth Heaven》. Uncle Mo, are you planning on seeing?”

Jiang Yuqing acted as the third female supporting role in《Ninth Heaven》, and this will be her first official appearance to the public. Her journey as an actress has just started to unfold.

Perhaps Mo Ze will fall in love with Jiang Yuqing at first sight after watching the movie with her in it.

Mo Ze supported his chin with his hand and chuckled, “If Little A’Wu will accompany to watch the movie, then I’ll happily go.”

Huo Wu was just about to reply, but the auctioneer interrupted her by knocking his hammer on the table, signaling that the bid was now over.

His excited voice could be heard over half of the venue as he said, “Congratulations to buyer No.1 for successfully winning the bid for the item made by Da Fangqi for 130 million yuan! Let us congratulate him with warm applause!”

As soon as those words fell, the crowd broke into thunderous applause. Everyone stood up to congratulate Huo Yusen.

Huo Wu listened to the fierce applause from the crowd and sighed. It was over. Her brother had spent 130 million for naught.

She truly did her best to prevent this from happening.

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