But seeing Huo Yusen up close, Huo Wu found that he was more attractive than what was described in the book. His eyes were pitch-black with specks of brilliant light like a starry night. His eyes were extremely charming like it contained the whole universe in his eyes; people can’t help but want to get closer to him.

“Haha, why is A’Wu so obedient today?”

Huo Yuan looked at Huo Wu with confusion. He remembered that his young daughter was usually arrogant and unruly.

If he had beckoned her to come over any other day, then she would’ve refused.

Huo Wu was taken aback by his words, but she composed herself and smiled. She said, “It’s because my brother is back.”

Huo Wu wasn’t worried that Huo Yuan would find out that she was acting differently from before.

Huo Yuan wasn’t at home often. There are 365 days in a year, and it would be considered a lot if Father Huo stayed at home for 30 days.

Her father was a high-ranking official in the city. If she wanted to see him, she must go through complicated procedures and make an appointment before she can meet him at the appointed time.

Huo Yuan and his wife, Zhang Minglan are a typical archetype of the combination of business and politics.

Huo Yuan was born from an aristocratic military family, and Zhang Minglan was the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

But the relationship between the two was excellent. Zhang Minglan had passed away for more than ten years. During these ten years, Huo Yuan had many lovers, but he had no plans to remarry.

Huo Yuan was a little surprised by her response, but he pondered about it for a while.

He only had two children, Huo Yusen and Huo Wu.

Their mother had passed away for ten years, and he didn’t have many chances to be at home. Since A’Sen returned home, they will have to mutually rely on each other.

Although he remembered that Huo Wu seemed to be afraid of Huo Yusen when she was a child, she had grown up now. The brother and sister pair haven’t met for over four years. He would be happy to see their brother-sister relationship become more intimate.

“Okay. A’Sen, when I’m not at home, you should take care of A’Wu,” Huo Yuan sincerely expressed his desire to his son.

Huo Yusen glanced at Huo Wu lightly and agreed, “Okay, dad.”

Huo Yuan sighed in his heart when he heard his son’s response.

This was all his fault for neglecting his children. He was always busy with work and spent most of his free time attending social parties, so he failed to give his son the attention a child needed. Combined with his wife’s early death, Huo Yusen basically grew up without any care or attention from his parents.

It was unknown when, but he developed an indifferent attitude towards everyone.

It seemed as if nothing in this world could attract him.

His eldest son was almost an adult when he noticed this problem.

At that time, his eldest son’s character was about to be finalized, but he didn’t have the time to effectively communicate with him. Shortly after that, his son went to study abroad, and the father and son pair hadn’t seen each other for several years.

During their next meeting, Huo Yuan helplessly found out that his eldest son seemed even colder than their last meeting.

His son seemed to have no fear of the world, and at the same time, he wasn’t interested in anything.

Huo Yuan was very worried about his son.

He sighed and turned to Huo Wu and said, “A’Wu, now that your brother is back, you two should remember to take care of each other. You should help and support each other.”

Huo Wu blinked her eyes at the sudden unexpected request. But under Huo Yuan’s expectant gaze, she nodded her head.

Huo Yuan smiled with satisfaction, “A’Wu has grown up and become sensible.”

Huo Wu smiled back at Father Huo.

Only Huo Yusen remained unmoved; there was no emotion in his eyes. One of his hands was in his pocket, his posture was relaxed, but his sense of indifference made him seem like he was thousands of miles away.

Huo Wu looked at Huo Yusen and felt a little worried. She didn’t know whether she would be able to hold her elder brother’s sturdy golden thighs.

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