What if My Brother is Too Good? Chapter 7

Before she met Huo Yusen, Huo Wu decided to hold her elder brother’s big sturdy thigh.

Huo Yuqing was shrewd and very charming. Mo Ze was originally a Casanova, but he stopped his flirtatious ways and devoted his heart to Huo Yuqing. The world may have boundless treasures, but Mo Ze only needed and loved Hou Yuqing in his life. Once the husband and wife teamed up, they were invincible.

Huo Yuqing was someone extremely difficult to deal with. If she wanted to “take care” of something, then that person would definitely be beaten until they’re black and blue.

Huo Yuan felt guilty for the 18 bitter years his biological daughter had lived, so he granted her everything she wanted.

Huo Yuqing didn’t want to see Huo Wu, so she suggested to Huo Yuan to send her back to the Jiang Family. The Jiang Fang was Huo Wu’s biological parents’ home.

Huo Yuan couldn’t bear to send Huo Wu back to her poor biological parents’ home because he thought that she can’t adjust to their lifestyle. But in order to make up for the 18 years Huo Yuqing suffered, he agreed to her suggestion after some consideration.

The heroine’s charm was unstoppable. In the complete novel, there was only one person who didn’t have any feelings for the heroine. It was Huo Yusen.

Huo Yusen had an indifferent and cold attitude. Both siblings had a strong personality and things were ironclad in their opinions. As a result, the relationship between Huo Yuqing and Huo Yusen can be said to have reached the freezing point.

They had little communication and interaction with each other after Huo Yuqing moved to the Huo Family. Huo Yusen then moved out of the Huo Family mansion, and since then, he and Huo Yuqing barely had any contact.

Even though he didn’t speak harshly to Huo Yuqing, his cold and aloof appearance attracted a large group of readers that offered to have his baby for him. Even the author of the novel said that he was the prime example of how an elder brother should be; cold and charming. Even the heroine can’t move his heart.

He was unique and stood out from everyone else. He was like the sole flower on the peak of a mountain. People can only see the flower from a distance, but no one can pick the flower.

Huo Wu began to doubt her decision.

There was no doubt that Huo Yusen was outstanding and powerful.

His strength lay not only in his background but also in his innate ability.

But his character and attitude were too cold and distant.

She hadn’t even gotten close to him yet and she could already feel the cold air-conditioning wind coming out of him.

Even Huo Yuqing, who was smart and good at making friends couldn’t please him. Would she really be able to hold onto his golden thighs?

In a year, she and Huo Yuqing will return to their respective statuses. Huo Wu felt that only her “elder brother” would be able to give her 100% protection from Huo Yuqing’s schemes. 

However, the premise was that he had to be willing to shelter her.

Even though her future seemed uncertain, Huo Wu still wanted to try her plan. She needed to form a good relationship with her ice-cold brother. Even if their relationship weren’t good, it couldn’t become any worse.

She will just form another plan based on the situation if she failed to hold his golden thigh.

After all, holding her elder brother’s thigh was just one of Huo Wu’s many ideas.

In fact, the most important plan was for her to enter the entertainment industry in this world.

Huo Wu truly liked to act. She enjoyed trying to figure out what the characters in the drama were thinking and experiencing the life of the character she portrayed.

In her previous life, she entered the entertainment circle after she was scouted by some talents. But the waters in the entertainment industry were muddy and she was alone. She was the only one sober while everyone else was drunk. Even if her acting and appearance were better than the average actress, she was still unknown in the entertainment industry. She lacked resources, so she continued to hover around the industry as an 18th line actress.

Even so, she never regretted her decision to join the entertainment circle.

Everyone had their own bottom line.

For Huo Wu, her bottom line was to stick to her heart and be herself.

In her current life, she had an excellent background with her father, Huo Yuan as her supporter.

If she entered the entertainment circle, she would have the best resources right now. If she worked hard for a year, then she should have a place in the entertainment circle.

At that time, even if the truth about her background was revealed to the world, she could still feed herself and her family after returning to the Jiang Family.

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