She planned to discuss this matter with Huo Yuan in a few days.

Huo Yuan was open-minded. As long as she properly coaxed and pestered him, she felt that Huo Yuan would agree with her request without any problem.

After thinking about her plan, Huo Wu finally relaxed a little. She was also a little less worried about her future.

Huo Yuan and Huo Yusen went to toast with the guests, while Huo Wu ate some light refreshments with Yu Xinxin in the refreshment area.

“A’Wu, your older brother is very handsome!”

Huo Yusen was very handsome in the past, but this was the first time he appeared in front of everyone again after four years. As a result, it gave off the impression to the people around him that he had changed a lot.

His young face was now sharp and manly.

His slightly long hair had been cut into a crew cut.

There was a saying Huo Yuan suddenly remembered. If a man looked handsome in a crew cut, then he was a handsome man.

A crew cut was a good test to see how handsome a man was.

Huo Yusen’s crew cut was very short, but it seemed to enhance his facial features, making him even more handsome.

Huo Yusen was handsome from every angle.

It was proven that Huo Yusen was more handsome than he was four years ago.

As a result, Yu Xinxin became excited after seeing him. Looking at the children of rich entrepreneurs and officials, there was no one as dazzling as Huo Yusen in the party. 

Huo Wu didn’t immediately reply. Yu Xinxin continued talking, “If your brother doesn’t have such a cold attitude, then I really want to be your sister-in-law.”


Huo Wu couldn’t help but ponder over it. There wasn’t anyone in this world who could match up to Huo Yusen. After all, no one was able to pick Huo Yusen, this cold mountain flower even at the end of the novel,《Forced Love》.

While Huo Wu and Yu Xinxin were chatting, waltz music began playing on the dance floor.

After the dinner party, there was also a small dance.

No matter what era it was, a dinner party would never be a simple dinner party. It was also an important occasion for people to form friendships and relations.

The goal of this dance was to bring the relationship between people of the wealthy class even closer together.

Huo Wu suddenly had an idea when she heard the music. After she bid her farewell to Yu Xinxin, she quickly walked over to Huo Yusen, who was holding a glass of red wine.

He seemed to have already finished interacting with the people at the dinner party, and now he was alone and quietly waiting for the party to end.

Huo Wu was wearing a five-centimeter high heel on her feet. Fortunately, she was an actress in her previous life. An actress’s most basic professional accomplishment was to be able to wear high heels and walk on any surface like they were walking on flat ground.

Even though she was wearing high heels, she was still able to walk quickly.

Huo Yusen’s hand was fair, slender, and powerful as he held on the glass of red wine.

His fingernails were smooth, rounded, and full of luster. 

The tip of his fingernails was shaped like cute crescents.

Seeing Huo Wu walking quickly towards him, he looked away from the red wine he was holding and glanced at her lightly. He waited for her to speak.

Huo Wu smiled brightly, put her hands behind her back, and tilted her head slightly.

She appeared especially innocent like this.

“Older brother, can I invite you to your first dance tonight?”

Huo Wu continued to smile brightly. However, her heart was pounding loudly because of how nervous she was.

She was worried that she would be rejected.

After all, considering who she was talking to, it was very likely.

Huo Yusen raised an eyebrow; he was surprised by her request. Then, he sized Huo Wu up lightly.

The girl in front of him appeared somewhat delicate and charming. She was extremely beautiful.

However, she didn’t look similar to the people in the Huo Family.

The two men of the Huo Family had a distinctive outline to their face, but her facial contours were very soft.

He and his father, Huo Yuan both had a pair of charming and passionate peach blossom eyes. But she had a pair of big and round apricot shaped eyes. 

But in his memory, he remembered that his mother had apricot shaped eyes. 

His mother had been dead for over ten years and his memory of her was starting to become vague. Even so, he could still clearly remember how gentle her eyes were.

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