Looking at the beautiful pair of apricot shaped eyes that looked similar to his mother’s eyes, Huo Yusen couldn’t refuse at all.

He was able to refuse any woman with an indifferent expression on his face.

But he can’t and shouldn’t act so cold to his biological sister, who somewhat resembled his mother.

As a result, Huo Yusen nodded his head slightly at Huo Wu.

He slowly put down the glass of red wine he was holding, and then raised his right hand to straighten out the cuff on his left hand.

The way moved was both uniquely noble and prideful.

He was an elegant and charming mature man from head to toe. Even though he was only twenty-five years old, he radiated an aura that only belonged to a mature man.

It didn’t matter whether it was a young married woman or an unmarried young lady, their eyes were all on him as they watched him straightened out his cuff.

However, Huo Yusen seemed to be unaware of the gazes that the women around him were giving him. Perhaps it was more precise to say that he didn’t care about them.

After he finished straightening out his cuffs, he extended his hand like a gentleman and said to Huo Wu, “Come.”

Huo Wu her hand in his palm.

At this time, the first song had just ended and another song was starting to play.

The beautiful waltz music slowly began playing, and Huo Wu held Huo Yusen’s hand as they slid gracefully into the dance floor.

The rest of the guests who wanted to dance, all quit. It was probably because they saw the protagonist of the dinner party stepping onto the dance floor tonight, so they quit dancing in order not to steal his limelight. 

By this time, only Huo Wu and Huo Yusen were left on the dance floor.

Huo Wu felt very fortunate that she was an actress in her previous life.

In one of the scenes in the drama she had filmed, she needed to ballroom dance with another male actor. So at that time, she hired a professional ballroom dancing teacher and took some time to learn how to ballroom dance. 

Luckily, Huo Wu didn’t make a fool of herself because she had learned the dance before.

If it was the real Huo Wu, then she naturally wouldn’t have been frightened because these are the basic things she needed to learn from a young age. 

However, Huo Wu was different. Before she entered the entertainment circle in her previous life, she was just an ordinary girl leading an ordinary life. She had no use for ballroom dancing, so she naturally didn’t need to learn it from a professional when she was a child. 

The music was now officially playing. Huo Yusent gently put his hand on Huo Wu’s waist.

When dancing, it was inevitable for the male and female dancers to have physical contact. The most basic and common position was for the male dancer to put a hand on the female dancer’s waist. 

The clothes Huo Wu was wearing tonight was thin, so she could clearly feel the warmth emitting from Huo Yusen’s palm as he put his palm on her exposed back.

She held her breath with rapt attention. This was her first dance with her eldest brother in this life. She was prepared to use all her strength to dance well. This way, she can deepen her impression in Huo Yusen’s heart.

The music gradually reached the climax. Huo Wu followed Huo Yusen’s movement as they spun, turned their head, and jumped.

She regretted that she only wore a short knee-length skirt tonight.

The arcs a long skirt creates as she spun around was more beautiful than that of a short skirt.

It would’ve looked like a budding flower or a blooming firework. The effect would’ve definitely been more amazing than it was now.

Huo Wu slowly immersed herself into this dance.

She had a dancing partner with exquisite dancing skills, so she can dance as she pleased.

This was the first time since she transmigrated into the novel that she felt that dancing would be so easy.

She forgot about all her troubles.

She forgot about Huo Yuqing.

She forgot about her past and her journey.

Instead, she immersed herself completely in this short but beautiful dance.

Her mind was empty, and she was light and graceful.

But good times always passed by quickly. The music was slowly coming to an end.

After the dance ended, there were a few seconds of silence before the audience applauded loudly.

There were even a few young people that were whistling at them.

The atmosphere of the dinner party was much more heated than when it first began.

Huo Wu smiled gently at Huo Yusen, who was standing upright next to her. Her thin lips were soft, and her sweet and gentle voice was extremely recognizable. Even though the crowd was noisy, Huo Yusen clearly heard what she said.

She said, “Brother, please enlighten me in the future.”

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